It's quite easier to get fascinated by the new technology, but it is quite tough to choose the best for yourself from that technology. The same thing applies in the newer 4K monitors which are in the trend these days.

There are almost every brand is manufacturing these 4K display which makes it quite tough to choose the one from any brand. We are here making it easy for you to offer you the list of best 4K monitors brand, which are fully reliable and you can trust them with the blind eyes to pick your 4K monitor.

​LG 4K Monitors

Features of ​LG 4K Monitors

  • 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) IPS Monitor
  • Freesync
  • On-Screen Control
  • Screen Split 2.0
  • Game Mode & Black Stabilizer

LG is undoubtedly the very prominent player in the Television and the Computer monitor series. It holds its vintage legacy at the global platform for the various electronics equipment and the monitor is one of them.

LG is offering very decent 4k class computer monitors which are equipped with all the modern features such as the 4k display which offers the screen resolution of massive 5120×2160 pixels.

The display is made users friendly for the various categories of the users such as the video editors, developer, programmers and other such users. LG is all in all a brand whom you can trust in order to invest your money for a quality and performing 4K monitor.

​Acer 4K Monitors

​Features of Acer 4K Monitors

  • 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) IPS Monitor
  • 34-Inch Curved Display (21:9 Aspect Ratio)
  • 3440 x 1440 (native and maximum) Resolution.233mm Pixel Pitch
  • 60Hz (Overclocking up to 100Hz)
  • Signal Inputs: 1 x Display Port and 1 x HDMI 1.4 Port
  • TROUBLESHOOTING:Refer page 18 in the user manual attached.

Acer is the famous brand in the computer and the laptop manufacturing across the globe. Acer is known for the quality of its hardware along with the latest innovation in the features of its monitors. If you are seeking the 4K monitor particularly for the computer then you can trust Acer. It has the 4k monitors display segment which offers a very high resolution of UHD class which is as high as 3840×2160.

This class of display is more than enough for any kind of 4k display and it further provides the plenty of information to the users on the display which is different in 4k class. The best thing about the Acer from the user's perspective is the price segment of the Acer which has been set at a very reasonable price tag.

​Dell 4K Monitors

​Features of Dell 4K Monitors

  • Multi-system made simple
  • One setup, four inputs
  • 1 x USB 3.0 upstream port, 4 x USB3.0 downstream ports (includes 1 charging port) and 8W x 2 built in speakers
  • 3840 x 2160 at 60 Hz

Dell is one of the largest and the prominent brand in the computing sector which is known for the class and quality of its hardware and the overall build structure. The 4K monitors from the Dell are fully reliable both in the terms of their performance and also in the latest features.​

The majority of the 4K monitors from the Dell come with integral inbuilt speakers, which means the users don't have to buy the external set of speakers. The Dell 4K monitors are fully potential enough to execute the 4k class gaming tasks and it offers an all in one performance package to execute all kinds of tasks which require the high display resolution.​

The gaming experience with the Dell 4k Monitors is so realistic and free of blurring. You should definitely keep up the Dell in your consideration list while buying the 4K Monitor.​

​HP 4K Monitors

Features of HP 4K Monitors

  • Multi-system made simple
  • 4K UHD (3840 x 2160 @ 60 Hz)
  • 1300:1 static; 5000000:1 dynamic
  • 14 ms gray to gray

The other computer manufacturing legend in the list is Hewlett Packard which is also known for the price to performance ratio of its computers. HP is having a very wide category of the 4K Monitor for its users to choose from. The 4K Monitors from the HP offers 4K display resolution as high as 3840×2160 of UHD class which is a luxurious experience for any 4K display lover.​

The weight of the display from HP is very light and HP also offers a decent warranty period of 3 years to the users. If you are seeking an all rounder 4K display which can also offer great gaming experience then HP also serves that purpose at its best.​

You can play and enjoy the high class game with the HP 4K display with an optimum graphical experience. The 4K display from the HP is available at their reasonable and genuine prices there is no such thing as over pricing with the HP.​

Asus 4K Monitors

Features of Asus 4K Monitors

  • 24.5 "Full HD Game Screen with 240 Hz refresh rate for soft gameplay
  • Quick response time of 1 ms and G-SYNC technology, eliminating motion blur and slide, for smooth play.
  • Design without frames, with customizable and built-in lighting effects, so you can create your own unique light projections

Asus is the last resort for the users who are having a budgeted pocket yet they want to experience the decent class of 4K display. Asus is the optic for all such people as it offers more than reasonable value of money to its users. With the Asus you can have a 4K display having an ultra HD resolution of 3840×2160 which is same as other top brand of 4K display offers.​

​Asus also offers some exceptional features in its 4K display such as display backlighting to make the night view special for the users. Not only this you will get many other advanced and practical feature in Asus display which are enough to compete with any other 4K display in the Industry. What to say more Asus will simply get you the value of your money even when you are dealing with the budget constraints.

Here we have discussed and provided you Best Brands of 4k monitors 2018, Now its your call for selecting out if this collections. You may also get information related to 4k Monitors , Go through and have a valuable shopping time. Will be back with some more hot products and brands of 4k monitors in next post.

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