Dell and the Asus are the two best class monitors they both deliver their level best monitors in the gaming industry. Dell which is older than the Asus is considered to be the master player in the computing manufacturing industry, and this is why it holds the more reliable legacy than the Asus.

On the other hand Asus is a brand which might not be having as vintage legacy as the Dell holds yet Asus is one of those brands which has emerged as tough competitors to the big brands like Dell.​​

Asus and the Dell both the brand basically stand on the different focus of their monitors they both deliver something different from each others to the customers. Dell is the brand which offers the pure quality with the performance at the high end price segment.​​

On the other hand Asus favors the customers at the price aspect as it offers the performing monitors at very reasonable price tags.​

So, here in this article today we are going to compare Dell's and the Asus's 4K Monitors to figure out where both these brands stand in the 4K monitors.​

Asus VG248QE VS Dell 28" Ultra HD 4K Comparison Head to Head​

So, here in this article today we are going to compare Dell and the Asus 4K Monitors to figure out where both these brands stand in the 4K monitors.​

  • In the context of response time​

Response time is basically the time that the display takes in order to change the pixels in the accordance to the playing content in the monitor
Here Asus wins as it takes just 1 minute while the Dell takes 2 minutes.

  • Size of the screen

Here Asus is having 24 inches while the Dell holds 28 inches display.

  • Consumption of the power

Asus consumes 45W while the Dell consumes just 30W which is a big difference in consideration. Dell 4k Monitors may result in good Energy saving product.

  • Resolution

Asus has just 1920×1080P while the Dell has massive resolution of 3840×2160P

  • DVI Connection

Asus has the DVI Connector while the Dell doesn't have the DVI connector


Asus Wins as it has the 2 HDMI Ports while the Dell has only one.

  • VGA Connector

Asus doesn't have VGA Connector while the Asus has it.

  • Inbuilt Stereo Speakers

Asus has the inbuilt speakers but the Dell misses out on that.

  • Support to the Portrait Mode

Here Asus and the Dell both offer the support to the portrait mode.

  • 3D Display quality with Glasses

Asus offers the users with the 3D quality while Dell disappoints at this aspect.

  • Vertical Angle Viewing

Both Asus and the Dell offer the 160 degree vertical angle viewing experience to the users.

So, it was a comparison between the two 4K monitors of the Asus and the Dell. We have made the comparison quite easy for you to analyze in your own way. There are certain features which are counted in the performance, and we believe that the Dell took the game away from the Asus at those features.

Both of these brands are best at their own places it's us the customers who have to choose the monitor, which fit out best at the performance and the price aspects.​

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